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April 2017

Dear Precinct 12 residents,

In 2008, my wife and I moved to our current precinct from precinct 9 in Brookline. When we moved to our current neighborhood, you welcomed my family warmly, and we have appreciated that very much. In 2009, you elected me to represent you in Town Meeting. I had been a Town Meeting Member from precinct 9 since 2001, and I was glad to have the opportunity to represent my new precinct with the same dedication with which I represented my old precinct. It is amazing to me to note that I have been representing precinct 12 now for longer than I represented my previous precinct.

This year I am once again asking for your vote so I can continue to represent you in Town Meeting.

I am proud to say that in my sixteen years as a Town Meeting Member, I have never once missed a night of Town Meeting. This was even after my wife and I welcomed twin daughters into our family two months after the 2009 election. I take my responsibilities as your representative very seriously.

As a Town Meeting Member, I have paid careful attention to all the issues that have come before us and have been responsive to the concerns of my constituents. A few years ago, I took the lead in fighting against political robocalls. More recently, I voted in favor of the Runkle School expansion and endorsed the overrides necessary to accommodate a growing population of school children. I also made the town aware of our concerns as we switched to the new Pay-As-You-Throw system, balancing the needs of the environment with the realities of our residents.

Along with being a Town Meeting Member, since 2004 I have also been an elected Library Trustee. As a Trustee, I have done many things to improve library service in our town. I pushed for increased funding to the materials budget and I worked on getting the RFID circulation program approved to relieve congestion in our libraries. And after years of fighting for it, I managed to get the Coolidge library open on Sundays in the summer, which has now been the case for four years.

For those who wish to know more about me, I maintain a campaign website at and a personal site at

I hope you will cast your vote for me on May 2 at the Runkle School. If you have any questions about my role as your representative, please email me at


Michael A. Burstein

Endorsed by Brookline PAX
Member of the Green Caucus

An archive of the website from my successful 2016 campaign for Library Trustee can be found here.