Paid for by Burstein for Brookline

For release March 12, 2013

Michael A. Burstein, who is nearing the end of his third term as a Library Trustee for the Public Library of Brookline, announced his bid for re-election today.

“I’ve been a Library Trustee for nine years, and I’ve accomplished a lot,” Burstein said. “I hope the voters of Brookline will return me to office on April 30 so I can continue to do my good work.”

In his nine years as a Library Trustee, Burstein has had a consistent attendance record, which he notes shows his dedication to the job.

“When I was first elected in 2004, I ran on a promise to increase the library’s materials budget, which had remained steady for several years before I was elected. As a Trustee, I have pushed for an increase every year.”

Burstein’s other accomplishments include overseeing the renovations at the two branch libraries, working on Brookline Reads, and helping implement the new RFID circulation system that has made it easier and faster for library patrons to check out items. He has been endorsed by Karen Livingston and Jonathan Margolis, the current chair and vice-chair of the Board of Library Trustees.

Burstein’s most recent and notable accomplishment has been the implementation of Sunday afternoon hours at the Coolidge branch library during the summer months.

“In 2010, when I was re-elected to the Board, I ran on the issue of summer Sunday hours. I never wavered in my commitment to these hours, and I am delighted that they have come to pass. I plan to continue to advocate for these hours for as many years as it takes to make them a permanent fixture.”

Burstein has also served as a Town Meeting Member for twelve years. He was first elected in 2001 from precinct 9, and since 2009 he has served the residents of his current neighborhood in precinct 12. He has over a decade of experience serving in town government.

“Of all the candidates running for the Board of Library Trustees this year, I’m the one with the most experience. Over the next few years, we will face issues that require Trustees such as myself, who have an extensive knowledge of how the library works. I hope to bring my experience back to the Board to help the town with all these issues.”

Burstein and his wife know a lot about what it is to live in Brookline. He lived in the town as a graduate student, and he and his wife were renters for many years. Today, they are homeowners with a family.

“In 2008, my wife and I finally bought a condo, and we chose to move to the Washington Square area for all of the neighborhood’s attractions. Our twin daughters were born shortly after we moved, and we’re delighted to be raising them in such a beautiful neighborhood in a wonderful town.”

Burstein has worked as a classroom science teacher and is currently an editor of science textbooks. He is also an award-winning writer of science fiction short stories, and with his wife used to write a column on parenting. He and his wife are members of Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe in Brighton.

Burstein’s wife Nomi is serving as both the campaign chair and treasurer. Alexis Kaplan, the principal of the Law Offices of Alexis B. Kaplan, LLC, will be the campaign secretary. More information on Burstein and his campaign can be found at the campaign website, and at the campaign’s Facebook page at